You are ready to rock your biz, but you need a great logo, like YESTERDAY!

But you are an original and don’t want something totally cookie cutter…

Biz Brand Studio’s “Pre-Made Logos” to the rescue! Your logo will be based on one of our original designs you won’t find anywhere else!

While "pre-made" may sound a bit... unoriginal... think of it like going to your favorite bakery and having them decorate a cake that's already sitting in the case. You get out the door fast and cheap, but the cake looks incredible, tastes divine, and it's uniquely yours.

Even if the lady in front of you also ordered a devil's food with chocolate ganache filling, your cake is totally different! It has your choice of vanilla buttercream instead of whipped. It also has the wording, colors, and special decorations you chose! The two of you could show up at the same event, and your cakes would still be quite unique - and memorable. (Annnnd now I want chocolate cake. Sigh.)

See how different each sample looks once we change the wording and the colors (and illustrated detail, when applicable)? The only way anyone would think your logo was similar to someone else’s would be if they were clicking between your site and THIS one.

Enjoy one of our fresh-baked, not-quite-homemade, but not “from a boxed mix” logos!