"Building a brand is about running your business like a boss.
It isn’t a visual thing."

~Jen Kem

While I agree wholeheartedly with the first part of that statement, I'd like to amend the second to say that "It isn't JUST a visual thing."

Visual elements are important because humans are intensely visual beings.

Imagery helps cement brand identity in your customer's minds and gives them a name and "face" to think of when they think of you and your brand.

Say the name "Oprah" and I bet her charming face and million dollar smile immediately float into your mind's eye.

Amazon's smiling arrow logo literally draws a connection from "A" to "Z" to illustrate the point of their products and services. (I mean, seriously, what did we do before Amazon Prime? If I were an Autobot, that would be my name!)

And love him or hate him, Trump's inimitable hairstyle and iconic gold name are instantly recognizable - even in countless cartoon forms.

Or Starbucks. They could change their green mermaid logo and still be Starbucks, but their brand designs - both new and old - would represent them as much as bustling cafes and the delicious smell of coffee.

The visual elements of a brand are QUITE important... but they come as a result of FIRST identifying the rest of your brand's purpose and identity.

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