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Pre-Made Logos

When you are ready to rock your biz, but you really needed to have an amazing logo to start building your brand, like YESTERDAY, and copycat everybody-else-has-used-it-already, designs aren’t going to cut it…

It’s Biz Brand Studio’s “Customish” Pre-Made Logos to the rescue!

Your logo will be carefully crafted by our graphic design pro (Kristen), based on one of our completely original designs – you won’t find these available anywhere else! And you’ll get it done FAST (like in just a day or two).

Enjoy one of our fresh-baked, not-quite-homemade, but not from-a-mix logos! If you compare the main designs with the examples, it’s easy to see how different each look is, even when using  the same design “recipe.” 

Need something different from what you see here? Check out our Customizable Branding Packages below!

Still not quite what you have in mind? Please contact us for a quote on a fully custom logo design, we would LOVE to bring your vision to life!

Ready for Even More Awesomeness ?

Complete Customizable Branding Packages (with Logos)

These professionally designed, customizable branding packages are even more custom than our pre-made logos, but they are still very affordable.

In addition to the logo, each package includes the HEX codes for your color selections, recommended fonts, specialty textures and accents (like watercolor, gold foil, and glitter!) for your web site or print project.

Browse through our fully customizable branding packages and see if something there suits your needs. (NOTE: Each of these designs has 2-3 examples to show how different they look with different name/words and colors. Some even change up the layouts a bit too.)

If you don’t see something perfect for your vision here, we’d be delighted to design a 100% original branding package just for YOU!