Tiffany Peterson

Lindsay is the adorable and clever mompreneur behind the blog "Paperclips & Pacis," which explores being a work-from-home mom of 3 while running a successful business with her husband.

She knew she wanted a totally different look for her site and social media platforms, but hadn't able to create it herself. Although her hubby is a web developer, he didn't really "get" the vision she had for her blog. (Plus, web designers' projects usually come AFTER client work, which is true here on BBS as well.)

Lindsay's logo before:

After checking out the premade brandboards I created for Biz Brand Studio, she really liked the look and feel of "the Emily", and chose that design concept for her new brand. Lindsay was already using colors she loved, so I took them as inspiration for adapting my original design to meet her specifications.

Pre-Made Customizable Brand Logo, the Emily:

I selected some watercolor textures that incorporated her branding colors from the palette we created for our customizable branding kits, and Lindsay sent additional elements she purchased (the secondary font, plus purple and teal glitter papers). I then created custom illustrations to replace the clipart from her original logo.

The result is something she truly loves that much better conveys the playful and feminine vibe of her blog.

Working with Kristen was such a pleasure!... She totally got the vision that I had for my blog and brought it to life in a way that I just couldn’t do myself. This was my first time working with a graphic designer other than my husband and it was actually kind of fun! After a nearly ten year relationship and business partnership, I forgot what it’s like to just be a client and not also “the wife.” While I definitely respect my husband’s talents, it was really fun to get to explore my own vision completely with Kristen.

Kristen was so sweet to spend time understanding my goals and vision. Working with her felt like talking to a friend I’d known for years! She really nailed exactly what I was going for with very few changes, which is something that I feel separates talented designers from others. I absolutely loved working with her! If you are looking for a designer for your small business or blog, I highly recommend her!

Lindsay Satmary

Mompreneur & Marketing Strategist,