Having a gorgeous online presence that attracts YOUR dream clients, you know, the ones who recognize your value and want YOUR products or services.

Create MORe!

Attracting your dream clients results in increased sales and more opportunities to develop new products and offers they are eager to buy.

Now Imagine...

Serving these dream clients = fulfilling your life's purpose of helping others and doing what you truly ♥ LOVE ♥... while being paid for it!

That's where WE Shine!

We give you back your TIME and SANITY without breaking the budget!

  • Making a great first, last, and LASTING impression is essential if you want to stand out from the crowd and be successful…
  • Business branding is ALL ABOUT attracting your dream clients and creating a memorable experience for them.
  • Once you know who you are, what you do, and who you serve, you can choose (or we can hand pick) the font and color choices, textures and illustrated elements that become reflect the purpose and character of your business. This is your VISUAL business brand.
  • With your brand style defined, we now can create imagery for every aspect of your business, from your web site graphics and sales page, to your Facebook cover photo and Instagram profile image, even book covers, business cards, and wall-sized banners.
  • Biz Brand Studio offers a wide range of professional digital and print-ready products, from logo and brand design, to completely custom, turn-key websites.

We Save You Time...

So that you can get your site or product launched and focus on your fulfilling your purpose! Don't waste precious hours (days!) messing around with tech or design tools you don't enjoy.

and Create Your Brand...

So that you can look professional and amazing, and have a totally unique presence that WORKS! (Even if you choose a budget-friendly "premade" design.)

so You are Memorable!

With your business brand clearly defined and beautifully represented, your dreamies know who you are, what you do, and trust you to serve them.

Let Us Help!

With the winning combination of a strong business brand and a clearly defined dream client, your marketing will be specific and targeted, which results in better fitting clients, less time expended, lower costs, and higher income.

Packages + Pricing


* You have the option to "retire" your chosen design for an
additional fee so no one else can buy it in the future
(varies based on item  price and how many have already sold).

Creative, original, and very affordable logos we can customize just for YOU and your biz!
Professionally designed branding kits that can be fully customized to fit YOUR business and dreamies!

Intensive custom brand develoment with a pinch of biz coaching for the branding process. This is seriously fun and very rewarding for us and our clients!

Kristen's work with Tiffany has morphed from graphic & web design sevices to a massive rebrand project which has spanned multiple web sites, numerous products (both digital and print), and design collateral for major speaking events, including one with Mark Victor Hansen.

Coach with Tiffany
Group coaching membership site.

Love Notes from Our Dreamies!

Don't just take our word for it... let our happy clients do the talking!

So much fun working together last week! I feel so accomplished!

Thank you so much for all of your help and teaching yesterday! 

Web Site Design & Event Calendar
for JulieMargo.com

Julie Margo

Healer & Mentor, Julie Margo

You are so talented! This is so gorgeous I could cry!!! Tears of joy!!

You.Are.Genius. ❤️

I LOVE working with you!

Branding + Custom Workbook, & Slide Deck, plus 
Event Banners for Heart & Hustle.
Logo & Branding + Web Design for Soul Spark 
and Coach with Tiffany.
Ongoing Graphic & Web Support

Tiffany Peterson

Speaker & Business Coach, Tiffany Speaks | Soul Spark

I love it! It looks great!!

I appreciate you SO much, thank you Kristen! You're the best!!

I can't decide, I love them both! That's why I decided on printing some of each! ?

Logo & Branding, Brochures & Business Cards
Web Design & Membership Site for EliteVocalAcademy.com

Julie Reed

Voice Coach, Elite Vocal Academy

Packages + Pricing


* You have the option to "retire" your chosen design for an
additional fee so no one else can buy it in the future
(varies based on item  price and how many have already sold).