About Us

Kristen & Lorna

What  Do We Do?

You dream of starting an amazing business with your unique brand and a stunning website (complete with all the essential bells and whistles), but you just don’t know where to start...

... You just need a little Magic! 

That’s what we do. We are the wielders of branding and web design magic with the ability to transform your ideas into the brand and site of your dreams (and without anything hidden behind the curtain!).

Who Are We?

We are Lorna Souther and Kristen Taylor, the mother/daughter Biz Stylist team of BizBrandDesign. We help our dream clients ~ like you! ~ fulfill your longing for the perfect website to display your products, services, or courses in the best possible way.

We even offer advanced brand coaching and brilliant examples for your vision. Go ahead and explore – we’re sure you’ll find lots of inspiration! And we’ll be right here to answer any questions you might have.

Kristen Taylor

Kristen Taylor

Co-Owner & Creative Director

Kristen loves to design, but her favorite thing is to nurture clients' visions into reality and bring their dreams to life.
Lorna Souther

Lorna Souther

Co-Owner & Concept Creator

Lorna shines at developing creative solutions and expanding ideas into fully fledged concepts. She also loves to help Kristen fine-tune her designs.

What Do You Really Want?

Biz Brand Studio offers a wide range of branding, design and coaching services to help your business grow and get NOTICED.

Want  to Know More?

Kristen and Lorna started talking about internet marketing 20 years ago... At the time, the internet was an infant with potential that wasn’t clearly understood.

Lorna’s master’s thesis was actually about creating websites for businesses. She was definitely ahead of the curve, but at the time - as with most new fads - most companies couldn’t see the value of having a website. Things certainly change!

During that period, Kristen (who had always wanted to be a graphic designer) began teaching herself web design. It started with a family photo album online and rapidly evolved into a full-blown web design career. That was perfect for the new stay-at-home-mom who chose not to re-enlist in the Navy so she could raise her first child.

Clients appreciated Kristen’s tech-savvy attention to detail and willingness to teach, her flair for unique design, and an innate ability to capture the visions in their heads.

...and then...?

Years passed, and Kristen and Lorna finally siezed on the opportunity to work together and focus on developing their business offerings. They began by serving local businesses, but eventually word spread of their creative solutions, fully-custom web sites, and the hands-on training provided to their clients, and they now serve clients from all over the US.

Today, the mother / daughter team continues to work together, regardless of their location.

Kristen is a busy wife and mom to her three amazing kids (and rescue pups!), all while putting in long days - and occasional late nights - in front of her computer screens in Nevada.

When she’s not serving as the official “left-brain” of the duo, Lorna manages to provide corporate organization and scheduling while serving up creative content. Lorna and her husband are working on refurbishing a funky house among the Oregon pines.

Some silliness and history about Kristen ...

1.    I’ve been known to be clumsy, but the best fall I ever took was stumbling into a hunk of a guy in volley ball class. Then I really fell – in love! – with my terrific hubs, Chris.

2.    After moving during Christmas vaca in my freshman year from Colorado to California, my first day at the high school was to have a sea gull poop on my head during lunch. I hate drawing attention to myself!

3.    I completed four years of Chinese in high school, then continued with Chinese in college.

4.    My sweetie joined the Navy and chose to become a Chinese linguist because of me.

5.    A few months later, I decided to go into the Navy and join Chris. He was in Chinese classes in Monterey, CA by the time I completed boot camp, but I petitioned to test into his class. I was successful thanks to my years of Chinese in high school. We got married at a chapel on 17-Mile Drive in Carmel and we were able to graduate together. Pretty cool, huh?

6.    We spent time in Texas at “spooky gook” training before being sent on our first assignments as linguists for the Navy in Hawaii. Not exactly a honeymoon in Hawaii, but damn close!

7.    I’ve written two children’s books and look forward to more writing ventures in the future

8.    When I’m old and gray, I’ll probably be known as the neighborhood cat lady. Can’t help it – love the kitties and currently have two, Mittens and Ninja. Oh! And the puppies! When in Hawaii I adopted Scruffy, a Shiba Inu mix. It was quite a “surprise” to Chris, but he got over it. We recently lost old Scruff, Now we have Caramel, a rescue dog who was sorely missing Scruff. And now Hazel, a rescue puppy who is doing great with the whole family of people and furbabies. Well maybe not with Mittens – he’s old and a little grumpy!

9.    I enjoy graphics, crafting and cooking. I find these interests and skills all involve creativity, special seasoning and a willingness to experiment. That’s worked well for me in helping my graphics and website clients over the years.

10. My greatest joy is my family. Chris and I have three terrific kids - each is an individual with talents and skills all their own.

...and Lorna too!

1.    I met my husband, Bill, back in kindergarten. We went to the same school for a few years before being separated due to the districts we lived in. But in high school we were both singing with the church choir and I decided to ask Bill to escort me to a school dance because my boyfriend was off at college. The rest is history.

2.    Bill and I have bought and fixed up homes several times. While I love seeing beautiful homes, I can see the untapped potential in even the worst house, and Bill makes the fixer-upper magic happen.

3.    I have admired Jim Rohn for most of my adult life, and even met Tony Robbins back when he was offering training and selling events for Rohn.

4.    I truly believe it’s never too late to start again. I completed my Masters degree when I was in my late 50s, I “retired” from my HR corporate job when I was in my 60s, and now I’m in my 70s and chasing this amazing dream my daughter and I share of helping women achieve their business dreams.

5.    I love playing Quiddler (a Scrabble-type card game) and backgammon with Bill. We are pretty evenly matched, so it’s fun and competitive, and the games are a perfect way to end our lunches together.

6.    We have rescued 3 incredible dogs… Our current rescue is a funny little Pomeranian mix named Bear. He is such a love (and a character!) we can’t imagine how anybody ever gave him up.

7.    We have moved so many times our friends used to joke about only recording our address in pencil. And then we spent 3 years as camp hosts exploring different states across the US, and trying to decide where we want to settle down. (See #4! It’s never too late to find what you want in life.) We think we’ve decided on the Pacific Northwest, but things can always change!

8.    While I’m not a world traveler, we’ve been to some really incredible places… from the shores of Nassau to shores of Kauai, from the pyramids at Chichen Itza to the Imperial Palace in Tokyo… I guess I AM a world traveler!

9.    I wrote a fun and light-hearted romance novel for plus-sized gals and still intend to write a sequel.

10. My favorite color is pink, I love chocolate and red wine, and feel that occasionally having buttered popcorn for dinner and cookies for breakfast is totally acceptable.