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A Little More About Us...


I love to create beautiful, well-organized web sites with original graphics and unexpected little details.


I am a wife and mom to 3 great kids (ages 13, 15 & 20!), a total word nerd and movie buff (The Princess Bride, everything Harry Potter, and Pride & Prejudice are my top 3), and I geek out over creating functional, fun design online and in our home.

My patronus is a happy dog. (And parentheses & exclamation points!) And you can probably tell what my favorite colors are... ūüėČ

Back in high school (almost 30 years ago!) when Lorna was working with Homes and Land magazine, I met their graphic artist and I was hooked: I knew I wanted to be a graphic designer, but was convinced to try something that had more earning potential. I ended up studying Chinese and international relations instead (yeah, weird, I know). Then after a couple years of college, enlisted in the Navy with my soon-to-be hubby. It was there I was re-introduced to computers. They could do so much more than the simple word processing I'd done in college!

When I got out of the Navy, hubby and I decided I should stay home with our young son. Hubby deployed a lot, which made continuing college a much more challenging option (this was before the advent of online classes), but I'm a self-starter and was hungry to teach myself skills I could use to earn an income from home. Even though the Internet was still in its infancy, I began teaching myself how to create graphics and build web pages.

That was admittedly a very long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away), and back then I did all of my custom web design work using HTML/PHP/CSS and seamless graphics sliced into countless little pieces (sometimes with unintended but hilarious results).

While it created beautiful and fast-loading web sites, it severely limited what my clients could publish online because every little change required they come back to me (or at least have someone with the right programs and fluent in geek speak) to make their updates... Even for something as simple as a text correction or a date/price change!

Then WordPress hit the big time several years ago, and my entire online world - and business model! - changed almost overnight. I was now free to design and build beautiful, functional sites, and then turn over the daily content management to the site owners! Talk about a perfect symbiotic relationship...

No longer were they tied to my apron strings, requiring technical assistance for every little thing! It allows them the flexibility and control of being able to update their own posts and information. And when a design issue comes up, I'm more than happy to step in for little projects to keep their sites looking amazing and running smoothly.